Covid-19 Resources

Covid Resources

As Canadians continue to experience Covid-19 cases it’s perfectly natural to have questions and YesMD is here to support you. If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to Covid or if you have Covid symptoms, you can:

  • Take a self-assessment (see links to BC, Alberta and Ontario self-assessments below).
  • If needed, book an appointment with one of our physicians to discuss your symptoms or for mental health support.
  • To find a testing centre in your area please see the Covid 19 Test Site Location Links below.

If you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or you have symptoms, please self isolate. Call your local health authority for the duration of isolation and other information.

If you get tested and have a negative result, it is still important that you self isolate, again, isolation details will be provide by your local health care authority.

Provincial Covid 19 Self Assessment Tools

Each province of Canada has developed a Self-Assessment Tool. These health tools are only meant to aid you and cannot be considered a diagnosis. A diagnosis can only be made by having a test administered or through an appropriate medical professional.

Please refer to the links below if you wish to self assess. If you are experiencing difficult breathing, severe chest pain, feeling confused, losing consciousness, or other serious symptoms, please call 911.

British Columbia Self-Assessment Tool

Alberta Health Services Self-Assessment Tool

Ontario Health Self-Assessment Tool

Links to Testing Sites

If you are seeking a Covid 19 Test please refer to the Public Health Links

British Columbia Covid 19 Testing Location Finder (find on map)

Alberta Covid 19 Testing Location Finder (note you must complete the assessment to be directed to an appointment)

Ontario Covid 19 Testing Location Finder (by postal code)

If you test positive you will be contacted by your public health authority. This contact is very important so ensure you have a pen ready to make notes of the information. This will assist you in following the healthcare advice and the isolation period end date. Most provinces will be able to e-mail you an information sheet as well.

If you have other questions about your health and would like to speak to one of our physicians, please book an appointment.