Locations: Calgary

Skip the waiting room and see an online doctor in Calgary.

If you’re one of the 1.3 million people living in Calgary, finding a quick doctor’s appointment may be a difficult task. Walk-in clinics are crowded and fill quickly. If you need to see a doctor quickly you may try your luck at the nearest emergency room, but expect to sit anywhere from 1-4 hours in the waiting room before speaking with a doctor.

We believe that it should be easier to see a doctor. YesMD offers online doctor visits, prescriptions, referrals, and more! Call or book online today, so you can see a doctor quickly and get on with your day.

Locations: Calgary

Skip the doctors busy waiting room in Calgary by conveniently seeing a doctor online.

In just moments, you can book at appointment with a Calgary doctor at your convenience. Appointments are generally available within hours or one business day.