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    FAQs/ What does a pediatrician do?

    Pediatricians provide physical, mental, and emotional care for the total health and wellness of infants, children, and teenagers.

    Physical – physical exams, child vaccinations, illness, infections, injuries, nutrition.

    Mental – development and behavioral issues.


    • Milestones in growth, behaviour, and skills.

    Primary care physicians (regular health and wellness chech ups). Treat a wide range of general health conditions, vaccinations.

    Some pediatricians specialize, can also refer you to specialists if necessary.


    • Oncologists, cardiologist.
    • Developmental behavioral pediatricians.
    • Hormones/glands (endocrinologists).
    • Evaluate physical, emotional, and social development.
    • Diagnosing and treating various medical conditions.

    Connecting families to the right specialists for their children

    Child’s physical and emotional development. They may also ask questions about a child’s eating, sleeping, and social habits. Pediatricians can inform parents and educators if their child has any signs that suggest a physical or behavioral problem.

    Pediatrician vs. Family doctor

    Only see children, so they have vast experience recognizing and treating childhood illness. From minor health problems to serious medical issues and disease. They’re experts at diagnosing and treating illness and injury in children. Dealing with kids, exclusively, also means they’re experienced in interacting with children. They have the temperament, patience, understanding, and positive qualities it takes to treat and talk to children, unlike a family doctor.

    While many children in Eastern Canada tend to go to their family doctors, it’s common for many children in the Westerns provinces to see pediatricians for their primary care.

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